Meet the sponsors & exhibitors


Stand 6

At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With $32 billion in sales, our 91,000 employees connect with customers all around the world. Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at or on Twitter @3M or @3MNews.

Stand 21

Arjo is a Mobility Outcome Partner offering a range of solutions. This includes Pressure Injury Prevention where Arjo offers a range of proven innovative products including the Provizio scanning device, working closely with customers to assume responsibility for creating a change in care practices to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes for healthcare.

Care of Sweden
Stand 11

Care of Sweden is an innovative company devoted to the cause of eliminating pressure ulcers around the world. Our product range covers mattresses, seat cushions and positioning pillows which are used for the prevention as well as treatment of pressure ulcers. Our head office, R&D and production are located in Tranemo, western Sweden, and our products are used in care facilities across Sweden as well as in many other parts of the world.

Stand 19

LINET is a major European manufacturer and supplier of hospital and nursing beds. LINET provides a comprehensive patient care solution. The beds, mattresses and other equipment are designed to support the treatment and convalescence of the patient as well as safe, ergonomic and less physically demanding nursing.

Stand 18

ABIGO Medical AB, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, owner and manufacturer of Sorbact® Advanced Wound Management products.
Sorbact® Right from the start – prevents and treats wound infections by lowering the bioburden. 

Wellell Inc.
Stand 23

Wellell, transformed from Apex Medical provides greater values and ambition in enhancing patients’ well-being with our valued partners, benefitting the wide range of users worldwide. Our brilliant minds and determination in developing more user-friendly and efficient devices across wound management, compression therapy, respiratory care, sterilization, and assistive device to improve patients’ well-being and enable caregivers and partners to improve patient care.

B. Braun
Stand 7

B. Braun is a German medical and pharmaceutical device company, which currently has more than 63,000 employees globally, and offices and production facilities in more than 60 countries. Its headquarters are located in Melsungen, in central Germany.

Contipro a.s.
Stand 4

Contipro a.s. is a manufacturer of medical devices based on effect of hyaluronic acid. 


LERAM pharmaceuticals
Stand 30

Czech, privately held, fast-growing pharmaceutical company. It was established in 2016 by experts with more than two decades’ experience in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, such as oncology and specialty pharma, dermatology, CNS, urology and OTC, covering all activities essential for trading prescription drugs, OTC medications, medical devices and dietary supplements. Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner to all pharmaceutical market subjects that demand reliability, expertise and success.

EPUAP sponsor

Stand 8

At Mölnlycke, we deliver innovative solutions for managing wounds, improving surgical safety and efficiency and preventing pressure ulcers. Solutions that help achieve better outcomes and are backed by clinical and health-economic evidence. In everything we do, we are guided by a single purpose: to help healthcare professionals perform at their best. And we’re committed to proving it every day.

PU sensor
Stand 14

A turning point / revolution in the fight against pressure ulcers

  • Decreased microcirculation increases the risk of pressure ulcers. But not visible on the outside.
  • Today’s methods miss half of those who get pressure ulcers.
  • PU sensor finds who has increased risk. Then pressure ulcers can be prevented, suffering reduced and money saved.

Stand 5

Sensawear’s thin, textile-based sensors measure tissue oxygen saturation and allow users to monitor their tissue health continuously, to help them move in the right way so they can avoid pressure injuries. For the first time ever, sensors capable of monitoring tissue health are thin enough and do not have any hard components that can present pressure points. Sensawear’s sensors can be sat on for extended periods without discomfort or danger to the tissue. Available 2025.

Smith + Nephew
Stand 5

Smith+Nephew is committed to shaping what’s possible in wound care, delivering technology which helps people take the limits off living. We’re dedicated to meeting the challenges of preventing and healing wounds, helping you get CLOSER TO ZERO.