Presenters guidelines

  • Please check the time and lecture room of your presentation in the daily programme as there might have been some last-minute changes.
  • All presentations, except the ones in the Czech symposium, must be prepared and delivered in English
  • All presenters are asked to respect the duration of their presentations. The chairs will request to stop the presentation after the allotted time has passed (free papers oral presentations – 12 min. including Q&A). 

Please note:

  • All oral presenters should include a COI slide (to be downloaded here) as the first or the second slide in their presentation.
  • We also need the presenters to send us their signed COI disclosure form (it can be downloaded here). The presenting authors will not be allowed to present if this disclosure is not made.

Technical requirements:

  • Slide format:
  • MS PowerPoint, landscape format (all congress center PC’s have Office 365)
  • 16:9 HD presentations (please note that this is not standard size in PowerPoint)
  • Films embedded videos in power point for optimal compatibility
  • The use of personal laptops for presentation is not allowed.

Presentations upload:

Please bring your presentation on USB and come to upload it ideally on the day before, or at least 2 hours before your session starts. The presentations upload center will be located close the Registration area and technicians will check the presentation with you and upload it to the correct meeting room.

  • If your presentation is taking place on the first day of the conference (Wednesday, 14 September), your presentation should either be sent to the Conference secretariat in advance (as mentioned above) or uploaded during the Pre-registration hours (on Tuesday, 13 September).
  • Make sure to be present in the meeting room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and let the chairperson know you are there. Please make sure to stay in your session from the beginning on to ensure smooth changes between the individual presentations.

There will be assisting staff in each lecture room if any problems occur. 

The poster presentations are scheduled as follows:

  • Poster session A           Wednesday, 14th September, 12:00 – 12:45
  • Poster session B           Thursday, 15thSeptember, 12:00 – 12:45

Presenters are kindly asked to be present by their posters during the indicated session time to briefly present their posters and answer any questions from the conference delegates. We advise the presenters to be next to their posters also during the Poster sessions happening the other days if they are available, as some of the delegates will walk in the poster area by themselves and might have questions to ask to the presenters.

Set up of posters:

  • You have to bring your printed paper poster to the venue. The measurements should be approximately A0 Portrait (841 x 1188 mm). The poster should be easily readable from a distance of 2 meters.
  • All posters should include title, name of authors, institution, city and country.
  • The language of the poster should be English.
  • Each poster has a specific number, therefore please make sure to mount your poster on the poster board with the corresponding number. The posters overview will be available in the poster area.
  • The poster area is located in exhibition area, zone B, in the Meridian room.
  • Velcro tape will be provided by the organizers, and onsite assistance will be available to help you to display your poster.
  • Posters should be mounted on Tuesday, September 13, between 15:00 and 20:00 or on Wednesday, September 14, 07:30 – 08:30.
  • Posters should be removed on Friday, September 16, right after the closing of the conference (by 13:00). Please note that all posters not dismantled till 14:00 on September 16, will be removed and disposed by the congress staff.

The chairs of the sessions hold a key position in making the programme run as smoothly as possible. 

These guidelines are to help you before, during and after the session you are chairing. 

  •  Please arrive in the room of your session at least 10 minutes before it starts.
  • 1 student assistant will be present in the room, preparing name signs, water etc. and making sure that all presentations of the sessions are uploaded.
  • All presentations are uploaded via the central uploading centre.
  • A technician will make sure in advance that all devices and audio equipment operate as planned. The technician can assist you in any technical question you may have.
  • Please prepare some possible questions for the presenters in case no one from the audience will ask a question.
  • Discussion: Take charge of the discussion period. Recognize questions from the audience and allow each person who would like to do so to participate in the discussion. Ask the participant to introduce herself/himself and to speak slowly into the microphone.
  • Please remind the speakers of the time limit of their presentation (according to the final EPUAP 2022 programme).
  • Each free paper presenter has been informed to prepare a presentation for maximum 12 minutes including Q&A.
  • Please do not exceed the time assigned for the session. The programme is very tight, and it is important to avoid delays.  
  • You are kindly asked to switch between presentations by simply announcing the name of the next presenter and the title of the presentation.
  • If a presentation cannot be given or if a presenter does not appear (no-show), please stick to the original programme and fill out the remaining time with questions or start a discussion.